The CIAD (International Commission for Aid and Development) is a commission of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul’s International General Council that examines funding requests for the Society’s projects throughout the world. Its action focuses on emergency aid, rehabilitation after catastrophes, and on developing, expanding and strengthening the Society.

The CIAD consists of 8 of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul’s volunteers, from every continent.

Its action is funded by donations from National/Superior Councils, mainly in response to appeals after major catastrophes and, more rarely, by outside donors. The CIAD does not take collections directly from the general public since this funding source is reserved for National/Superior Councils.

A Few Figures

The CIAD distributed €2,040,000 to 47 countries in 2016 and 2017. This money funded 30 emergency interventions, 32 rehabilitation projects after human or natural catastrophes, 11 development projects and 5 interventions to strengthen the SSVP. The budgets for these projects varied greatly: from €1,000 to €381,000.

Almost 95% of these funds was used for emergency aid, especially for rehabilitation after natural and human catastrophes. Most of the CIAD’s work focused on projects for rebuilding, education, etc., with the main ones being in Haiti (in collaboration with the Vincentian Family), the Philippines, Lebanon and Nepal. Other action was undertaken on a more modest scale in Madagascar, Burundi, Syria, Iraq, etc.

One of the main challenges for the CIAD is funding. Although funding is usually available in the event of major catastrophes covered by the media (the CIAD respects donors’ wishes), this is not the case for smaller catastrophes, and even less so for the commission’s other missions: the SSVP’s sustainable development and expansion. One major project for 2018 is to search for funding sources.

In 2017, the CIAD became responsible for expanding the SSVP into countries where it is not present and strengthening it in countries where it is weak. The commission has provided various forms of such support to the SSVP in Liberia, Mexico, Honduras and Panama: training members, structural support and ensuring legal compliance. A small amount of aid was allocated to the very first Conference set up in Albania.

Lastly, the CIAD looked for outside partners in 2017 to ensure the smooth running and success of various projects funded throughout the world.

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